Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just take an umbrella!

I try to read a Bible story to Emma Kate every day. I tell her that I am doing my quiet time and when I am done we will do hers! Today her story was on The Flood. I was a little worried because I did not want to her to think that everytime it rains it means she is going to die! When it started talking about how Noah and all the animals had to get in the ark and everyone and everything not in the ark would die.....I started getting a little worried and wandered how I was going to explain this one. Well my child, in true Emma Kate form, looked at me and said,

"Mommy, it is ok I will not die when it rains because I have an umbrella!"

So there you have it.....take an umbrella when it rains or you will die :)

I would love to hear your ideas on how you teach your little ones about Jesus. What do you do with the hard stories? I never never want to water down the truth of God's Word but I want to be able to teach it in such a way her 3 year old little mind can understand. How do you do that yet stay true to what it says....like not leaving out the oh by the way everyone DIES that is not in the ark!

We always pray when it is over and today I thanked God that He still keeps his promises and for the beauty of the rainbow, and then prayed for Jeff since it is like 2 degrees outside! When it was her turn she prayed, "Jesus, thank you for my umbrella, and that I got to go to church on Sunday, and please make it warm for daddy so he has a good day. Oh wait....I want it to snow so don't make it warm because I really like snow but I want daddy to have a good day...oh gracious I don't know what to pray so AMEN!"

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senloe144 said...

Just love this little one and her prayers!!!