Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

So I am really really bad at keeping up with this blog as noted since I have not posted since July. Some of the reason is due to privacy issues but most of it has to do with documenting life other places! However, I am going to try to jump back on the bandwagon! We have had a VERY laid back last 2 days. Football has been on our TV constantly and I have only left the house once in 48 hours! Today I even took a 3 hour was pure bliss!

I have created my goals for 2010 and cleaned the house but other then that I have had a very unproductive 2 days. Here are my goals in no particular order.

1. Loose 20 pounds with 10 of those pounds gone by May for our beach trip.
2. Clean my house once a week.
3. Be a better steward of everything God has given me (family, money, body, etc.)
4. Read thru the Bible in a year. To do this I am following a plan I found on line that has you in 4 different books a day. You read 2 OT and 2 NT excerpts each day.

I think most of this blog will be about my journey through God's Word this year as I document my thoughts each day. It will give me a place to keep up and be accountable even though I don't think anyone reads this except me!

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Holly said...

I read it! And I'm glad to hear your "voice." Praying that this year is full up with God's blessings on you!