Thursday, January 28, 2010

From the mouth of a 3 year old

Here are just a few of the conversations I have had with Emma Kate over the last 24 hours.

Emma: Mommy go do your Bible Study and I will go do mine.
Me: Emma you can not read so you need mommy to help you do your Bible Study.
Emma: Mommy I know how to talk to God. I do not need your help. I am just going to tell Him something I already know about him like you know how he made everything. Then I am going to sing. I do not need your help. Now you go talk to God and leave me alone!

Emma: Mommy I dropped my princess shoes and want to be a princess so can you get them for me?
Me: I will get your shoes for you baby but guess what? Did you know you are princess because you have a kind heart not just because you have princess shoes.
Emma: I know that mommy but the princess shoes help too!

Emma has to take 100 things with her when we go somewhere. Her stash normally includes 3 purses and a wallet and then several loose things in her hands. Today when were leaving to go to Starbucks she had her cell phone, a calculator, and a bracelet. I told her that she could only take 2 things so she needed to decide what would stay here. She then proceeded to put her bracelet on her wrist and said "Now I only have 2 things in my hand mommy but I get to take all 3 with me."

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