Sunday, March 22, 2009

Loving Well

Orginally posted Nov. 12, 2007

I am currently attending Loving Well by Beth Moore at my church on Monday morning. It is about God's perfect love for us and because:

1. God is perfect love.
2. Nothing can separate me from God's perfect love.
3. God pours His perfect love in my imperfect heart.
4. Accessed, I can love anyone through anything.

This past week in our journal Beth included the following questions/statements to reflect on.

* Do you realize thatI came to meet with you?
* Do you have any idea how much I love you? How taken I am with you?
*Do you know that I have never forsaken you nor will I ever reject you? I was there all along. I always will be.
*Do you realize I knew everything about you the day you were the conceived? I anticipated your life and planned for it.
*You do have an enemy, My child. But it is not Me. He wants you to think it is.
* I am for you.
* Do you think you need to prove yourself loveable to Me? Deep down inside are you trying to earn my love and attention.
* As you strive to love me more, do you realize the key to loving Me more is to let Me love move.
*Why are you resisting Me? Why are you running from Me?
*To whom have you compared Me, and with whom have you confused Me?
*I am not like them.
* I know what's happened, I know what is on your mind.
*I alone know the plan for how this turns out well.I alone know how to prosper you through us.
* My eyes and My affections are on you right now.
*Quit trying to be so strong. Let Me be strong for you.
* I love you unashamedly. Even now my banner flies over you. Everyone in the heavenlies knows how I feel about you. I'd leave you red-faced over My love for you...if you'd let Me.

Sweet sisters rest in God's perfect love for you today.

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