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Orginally posted Aug. 24, 2007

I am part of a Saturday morning Bible study at my church that meets from 7-9. I know what you are thinking....7:00am and yes I know that it is a sin to be up and out that early but our fearless leader is an early bird....and I mean real early bird like 4:30am. We started the group around 3 years ago I think and I LOVE IT. I was real worried about the early hours but I can HONESTLY say that when we don't meet I miss it :) I never wake up before 6:30 so I just put on a ball cap and head to church. The funny thing is a lady in the Bible Study saw me at church one Sunday about 4 months after we started and said, "I didn't recognize you without the baseball hat on!" Anyway I got off track....the real reason for the post is to share what I have learned so far in our new study. We just started doing a precept study on John. It is going to take us to May to complete the study on the book of John. For the past 2 weeks we have done an overview of the first 9 chapters. Part of the homework was to write out what the first 9 chapters say about who Jesus is. So here it goes.....this is what I have found the first 9 chapters say about Jesus.

Chapter 1
JESUS was there in the beginning (v.2)
JESUS all things came into being by Him ( v.3)
JESUS is life (v.4)
JESUS is the light of men (v.4)
JESUS darkness does not understand Him (v5)
JESUS enlightens every man (v.9)
JESUS own rejected Him (v.11)
JESUS became flesh and dwelt among us (v.14)
JESUS is full of grace and truth (v.14)
JESUS takes away the sins of the world (v. 29)
JESUS King of Israel (v. 49)
JESUS God's only Son (v. 14,18,34)
JESUS Lamb of God (v.29,36)
JESUS baptizes in the Holy Spirit (v.33)

Chapter 2
JESUS can perform miracles (v.7)
JESUS has a zeal for God's house (v.16)
JESUS knows all men and what's inside all men (v.25)

Chapter 3
JESUS God is with Him (v.2)
JESUS must be lifted up (v.14)
JESUS God's only begotten Son (v.16,18)
JESUS offers eternal life (v.16,39)
JESUS was not sent to judge the world (v.17)
JESUS is above all (v.31)
JESUS gives the spirit without measure (v.34)
JESUS everything is placed in HIS hands (v.35)

Chapter 4
JESUS ministered to women (v.7)
JESUS gives living water (v. 14)
JESUS knows everything about us (v.18)
JESUS seeks worshipers who worship in spirit and truth (v.23)
JESUS HE is spirit (v. 24)
JESUS His "food" is do to the will of the Father and accomplish His purpose (v.34)
JESUS heals the royal officers son sight unseen...just speaks and it happens (v.50)

Chapter 5
JESUS does nothing unless He sees His Father doing it (v.19)
JESUS God shows Him all things that He is doing (v.20)
JESUS gives life to whom He wishes (v.21)
JESUS in charge of all judgment (v.22)
JESUS all who are dead will hear His voice (v.28)
JESUS seeks the Father's will in judgment (v.30)
JESUS God bears witness of Him (v.37)
JESUS does not receive glory from men (v.41)

Chapter 6
JESUS can walk on water (v.19)
JESUS the bread of life (v.35,48)
JESUS came down from heaven (v. 38)
JESUS came not to do His will but the will of God (v.38)
JESUS will raise believers up on the last day (v.40,54)
JESUS no one can come to Him unless the Father draws them (v.44,65)
JESUS the words He speaks are spirit and life (v.63)
JESUS knew from the beginning who would believe Him and who would betray Him (v.64)
JESUS Holy One of God (v.61)

Chapter 7
JESUS from God and was sent by God (v.29)

Chapter 8
JESUS light of the world (v.12)
JESUS knows where He came from and where He is going (v.14)
JESUS His judgment is true (v.16)
JESUS is from above and not of this world (v.23,42)
JESUS speaks what He has heard from the Father to the world (v.26,28)
JESUS does nothing on His own initiative (v.28,42)
JESUS always does the things that are pleasing to God (v.29)
JESUS speaks the truth (v.45)
JESUS does not seek His own glory (v.50)

Chapter 9
JESUS light of the world (v.5)
JESUS gave sight to a blind man who had been blind since birth (v.7)

There is no sweeter name. Jesus is the ONE AND ONLY

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."
John 1:14

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