Wednesday, March 7, 2012

6 months

Since we are three months into the year with no blog updates I thought I would spend some time trying to catch up! I always have great intentions but then I get home and after I hang out with Jeff and the kids the last thing I want to do is get on the computer! However, I know that I will regret  it if I don't document these moments so I am going to try to do better. I have every Monday off work so it was the perfect time to take Daniel for his 6 month check up. I had forgotten that Emma Kate was going to be out of school all week or I might had decided it was not such a good idea! However, by the end of the day I was thankful I had my little helper with me because she is such a great big sister.

The doctor said Daniel was doing great. He is in the 10% of height and weight (but sticking to his normal growth) and the 90% in head circumference. Poor baby has a big head but he gets it honest :) The only thing that was a little off was the doctor wanted us to go get hip x-rays because there were some creases on his back legs that did not match up. She said more then likely it was not a big deal but she wanted to get it checked out just in case. The x-rays were not going to happen until 2:00 so it was a perfect opportunity for us to go meet daddy for lunch.We recieved the results of the x-rays the same day and everything is fine...he just has mis matched creases!  I was so proud of Daniel because he was way off his eating schedule but was a real trooper all day especially considering he had 5 shots!

 Emma is always such the big helper and has to be reminded at times that she is not the mommy!
Some things that Daniel is doing at 6 months:
Sits up
Laughs (the most at Emma)
Nurses 5 times a day
Eats a fruit at lunch
Eats a fruit and veggie at dinner
Loves his exersaucer
Starting to reach when he wants something or someone
Puts EVERYTHING in his mouth
Is VERY laid back
Wears Size 2 diapers
Wears some 3-6 months clothes but mostly 6 months
Sleeps until around 5:00 and then needs to be fed but will go back to sleep until 7:00
Loves pulling hair
Loves Taco (our cat)
Completely stolen his mommy's heart :)

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Your kids are sooo cute! :)
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