Friday, July 23, 2010

Emma Kate

Emma Kate,
I have had the privilege to stay home with you for the past 3 years. A month ago I decided to go back to work more on a full time basis and you are now in school 3 days one week and 4 days the next. However, today I get to stay home with you again and take a breath to just be your mommy. We started the day snuggling and talking about how you are not a baby anymore but my big girl. You loved listening to me list all the things you can do now that you could not as a baby. We said things like "now you can walk and you used to be able to only scoot, now you can drink out of a big girl cup and you used to only be able to drink out of a bottle, now you eat everything and you used to only to have milk" and the list went on and on! I am so proud of you and the little big girl you have become.

You have quite the imagination and talk non stop. When I say you talk non stop.....that is EXACTLY what I mean :) A few nights ago as you were praying you said " God I know in the past that I have told you I just want to be a mommy but I changed my mind. I still want to be a mommy when I am 20 but then I want to be a doctor when I am 60. I want to do both ok????" When you were talking to Ms. Sandy yesterday you decided that you and Kae Kae could open a practice together but you would need to wear gloves before you helped the patients. Last night you decided our living room floor was the ocean and you proceeded to jump from the chair to into the ocean while holding your nose. You just came into the room with your bathing suit on and told me you were going to the ocean again and needed me to blow up your floats.

You did not think a lot about your school but it has grown on you and now you love it. You have a lot of friends there and really like Ms. Marie. On Friday you get your face painted so you have asked me if you go for a little while today to do that. Your most favorite thing to do right now is go to the pool. You have come a long way this summer in your love for the pool. You now can jump off the side all by yourself and LOVE IT when mommy and daddy throw you in from the side. Your second most favorite thing is going to get ice cream after dinner. You had only been awake for a few minuets when you started negotiating with daddy about getting ice cream when he came home from work today.

Your mommy and daddy love you very much Miss Emma Kate McKenzie and count it our highest calling to get to be your parents.

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