Sunday, July 17, 2011


Well it looks like I am still only going to be updating the blog once a month! Despite my best intentions life just gets in the way of me being able to sit down in front of the computer. This month started out with a bang....or should I say boom :)

We moved into our house the first weekend in June. We have been so thankful for God's provision and His perfect timing in bringing us to this house. We LOVE it! It is the perfect house for our growing family. We moved in and had to wait a week before the gas was turned on. We spent the first week taking cold showers and eating out! The gas was turned on on a Thursday but I did not get a chance to cook my first meal until Sunday night. Jeff was at church leading his 9th grade guys small group and I thought I would be a great wife and have dinner on the table for him when he got home. Instead what happened was I had some fire trucks in our driveway waiting for him when he got home!

As I was preheating the oven I started to smell something that just did not seem right. I have never owned a gas stove so I thought it could be normal but called a few people to check just in case. Everyone seemed to think it was fine and more then likely was just the oven cleaner burning off. However, when the oven finished preheating and I opened it to put our food in....flames were coming up from the bottom and the top of the stove was black! I grabbed Emma and my phone and called 911 for the firemen to get here! Thankfully, there was only minor damage which mainly consisted of our stove being completely burnt and a section of our carpet with a black burn hole on it. The worst part was the MESS that was created from what the firemen used to put out the fire. We had dust EVERYWHERE!

I have never been so thankful for homeowners insurance in my life. We had a cleaning company come out that specializes in fire damage and they spent a week at my house cleaning. In the long run it was such a blessing because they pick every single item up and personally clean it. My house or the things in it will never be that clean again! Because of the hole in my carpet insurance also paid for the replacement of it. We decided to take the opportunity to go from carpet to hardwood so we paid the difference and went ahead and got hardwood all throughout our bottom floor. We also got the opportunity to get a new stove so we started the process of changing all the appliance to stainless steel. At this point the only thing we have left to switch out now is our refrigerator. The kitchen fire caused a lot of little inconveniences in our world for around a month but in the long run we got to make changes to the house that we love and would have never done so soon!

This month we also had 2 different sets of friends come visit us from Alabaster. I was still without a stove so we could not cook for them (trust me they were not sad about that :) ) but we had a lot of fun anyway. We went to the pool and just had fun hanging out at the house. At the end of the month Jeff spent close to a week in Florida with NorthPoint Student Ministry hanging out with his small group guys. Emma Kate and I really missed him but was glad he had the chance to go. They took like 1300 students which is something I can not even begin to imagine!

Jeff also received a promotion at work this month! The best part of his new role is he now will work normal hours and NO MORE WEEKENDS! We are super excited to get our weekends back and have already planned 2 different parties with friends at our house in July since Jeff will be here!

Coming soon....July update :)

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