Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review

2010 has been a whirlwind year for us. I have lived in 4 different houses and 2 states!

Jan.: We lived in Olive Branch,MS and I stayed home with Emma Kate and worked 10-15 hours a week.

Feb.: We found out that we had to move out of the house we were renting so we starting to look for a house to buy in the Olive Branch/Hernando area. Jeff started a new job.

March: We found a house we LOVED and started the buying process. Towards the end of the month we had a major hiccup in our marriage and Emma Kate and I left MS.

April: Emma and I spent Easter in Alabaster and was loved on by my sweet friends there. We then made our way to Atlanta to start over.

May: Emma and I spent the month living with my brother. I also spent a lot of time finding childcare for Emma in Atlanta, setting up a new work routine, and rebuilding my relationship with Jeff.

June: We spent the first week of the month on family vacation at the beach in a beautiful house. Jeff moved to Atlanta and we moved into an apartment. I turned 30!

July: I received a promotion at work and was asked to run our direct placement business in Atlanta.

Aug.: Jeff and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. It was truly a milestone to celebrate and an event that would not have happened without the grace of God over both of our lives.

Sept: Emma started Pre-K at a new school and is loving it. We also spent a fun family day at Stone Mountain Park.

Oct.: Emma turned 4! Ms. Sandy, Caitlin, and Miss Jordan came down to celebrate. Later in the month we spent the day at a farm and had a lot of fun learning how to milk a cow and see cattle being herded.

Nov. : Jeff went to play with a band from MS so he dropped me off in Alabaster for quick visit on his way to the gig. We also had some of our old students (who are now all in college) come for a weekend visit with us in Atlanta. We spent Thanksgiving at his parents house in Hernando. We left Emma in Hernando so we got to spend the whole week after Thanksgiving with just each other.

Dec. : I went to Deeper Still in Birmingham the first weekend in December. Other then that first weekend we spent every weekend after that celebrating Christmas. The 2nd weekend we did Christmas in Atlanta with my entire family. The 3rd weekend Jeff's parents came to celebrate Christmas and Jeff's 32nd birthday. We spent Christmas weekend with my brother and his family as well as my mom and sister. Emma was so much fun and it was topped off with snow! We also found out this month that Emma is going to be a big sister!

2010 was full of a lot of changes but the one thing that never changed was the faithfulness of our God. We end the year being able to see His hand across all things and thankful for His continued provision over us.

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