Monday, December 26, 2011

December in pictures

We celebrated Christmas with my family Dec. 9th-11th. Michael and his family came in Friday night and stayed at our house. We woke up Saturday and I cooked breakfast and then we went out to do some last minuet shopping. We picked up pizza for lunch and then headed to my oldest brother's house to meet up with the rest of the gang.

My siblings and mom. I am so thankful I have these guys to share life with. We are so different yet so much the same.

This year my mom decided to give each kid a target gift card so we went to Target and help the kids picked out the toys they wanted from Nana. It was fun because they got to shop with the rest of their cousins and Nana got to spend time with each of them. Emma Kate picked out a big bathtub for her dolls, a kitchen set that had a coffee maker, a mixer, and a blender, and some Barbie’s. Daniel decided he wanted a car set and a new toy for his car seat.

Jeff won this amazing sweater during dirty Santa and LOVED it! He had a tacky Christmas sweater party to attend with the youth a few weeks later.
The Thursday night before Daniel started coming down with a bad cold....thanks to his sister. By Saturday night it had gotten a lot worse so after we left my brothers we headed to the emergency room to make sure he was ok and his oxygen levels were where they needed to be. Thankfully after a chest x-ray we found out it was indeed just a cold and we went home with a little bit more of a peaceful mind but poor baby was sick for a good week after that visit. Look at how pitful those eyes look. It broke this mommy's heart. The following weekend Jeff and I had my work Christmas party. It was at a hotel in Dunwoody. It was fun but by that time I had caught what the kids had so I did not feel good at all.
Starting to feel better.
Morning Glory hair
Santa baby
Emma LOVES her little brother
Emma at her school Christmas program.
The last day of school was Grinch day in her class. Thankfully my sister was here so she could fix the Cindy Lou hair :)
December was FULL of family Christmas celebrations, both of our work parties, school plays, and me getting adjusted to being back at work. We were so thankful my sister was on Christmas break. She came and watched the kids for us for 2 weeks so our nanny does not start until the first week of January. We are looking forward to taking this last week of December putting our house back together and gearing up for 2012. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day post coming soon!

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