Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feeling Yucky

I am now around 7 weeks pregnant and am experiencing the pains of the first trimester. Overall I am just really really really tired. I feel nausea most of the day and just overall feel BLAH. I feel really sorry for my husband because my hormones are raging and I am really sweet one second and not so much the next!

Emma Kate continues to love the idea of being a big sister and is pretty sure that we are having a girl. She still thinks we are naming the baby Sara Lindsey Sara McKenzie and rubs my belly constantly. She often pretends that she has a baby in her belly and ask me ALL THE TIME when we will we go to the hospital. We get to go to our first doctor's appointment on Tuesday and we all 3 are very excited about getting to hear the baby's heartbeat and see the baby for the first time.

I am counting down the weeks until this first trimester is over but at the same time trying to remain thankful for all the aches and pains. I know what a high privilege it is to carry a child in my womb. It is one of the reasons I love being a woman.

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